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Every electronics engineer knows that SMD is the future: PTH will fade-out, eventually. But for prototyping and breadboarding, SMD can be a pain. Adapters are the answer. I designed a few to show you. Let me know what you think and which are your favorite …” said by Nard Awater, who helped us modify the flowers version and designed the set SOIC-adapters for use on proto boards (like Vero-board). Right now, the aplomb-boards SOIC32 adapters was came back and be added in stock. For fisrt batch of aplomb-boards, we are provide free samples to electronics enthusiast who are interested in our FlowerPad Seires. Although it just came back SOIC32 adapter, we will back SOIC4 /SOIC14 /SOIC16 /SOIC20 soon.