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OJO!!! EL DRIVER DE ESTA TARJETA ESTA AQUI: TARJETAS LCD PROBADAS AL 100% FUNCIONANDO. SIGUE BIEN LOS PASOS DE USO PARA QUE NO TENGAS PROBLEMAS. TARJETA ARDUINO COMPATIBLE, CON MICRO ATMEGA328, INTERFAZADO A UNA LCD 2.8" touch/color/microSD (SHIELD).CARACTERISTICAS: It is compatible with the Arduino UNO R3, MEGA2560 in displaying characters and graphics; - Resolution: 240X320; - Display size: 2.4 inch; - Operating voltage: 5V; - Logic level: 5V / 3.3V; - On-board 3.3V / 300mA regulator circuit; - Operating current: the maximum is 150mA without TF card; - Use the A0 ~ A4 pins, D2 ~ D13 pins. If you do not use TF card, you can use the D10 ~ D13; - Onboard Micro SD slot, support 2GB Micro SD / TF Card; - Onboard reset button for easy reset.