XBEE PRO S2 son antena SMD

SKU: 605

OJO!!! NO CONFUNDIR CON LOS XBEE NORMALES (solo 250mts: de alcance), ESTE TIENE UN ALCANCE DE 1.6Km (libres de obstaculos). Description: This is the XBee XBP24-BZ7WIT-004 module from Digi. Series 2 improves on the power output and data protocol. Series 2 modules allow you to create complex mesh networks based on the XBee ZB ZigBee mesh firmware. These modules allow a very reliable and simple communication between microcontrollers, computers, systems, really anything with a serial port! Point to point and multi-point networks are supported. These are essentially the same hardware as the older Series 2.5, but have updated firmware. They will work with Series 2.5 modules if you update the firmware through X-CTU.


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