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Description: USB signal:VCC,DATA+,DATA-,GND,FG RS422 signal:T/R+,T/R-,RXD+,RXD-,GND RS485 signal:T/R+,T/R-,GND Baud rate:300-9216000bps automatic detection of serial signal speed. Interface form:USB type A interface, male head, DB9 male connector connector Direction control:Using data flow automatic control technology, automatic discrimination and control of data transmission direction. The signal indicates that the red light is the power supply, the green light is the sending signal, and the yellow light is the receiving signal. Features: -Baud rate automatic detection and zero delay automatic transmission, so you can get high-speed data transmission through the RS-485 or RS-422 interface. -Effectively protect your expensive and sensitive control equipment against electrical damage,600W static surges, and + 15kV electrostatic protection. -FTDI Chip supports the widest possible OS compatibility: Windows,Linux and for Mac. -The shielded cable supports four wires full duplex, two wires half duplex; point to point, point to multi-point communication 4 Kinds of Working Modes: Asynchronous Point to point / four wires full duplex; Point to multiple point / four wires full duplex; Point to point / two wires half duplex; Point to multiple point / two wires half duplex. Package Included: 1 x USB to Serial Converter Cord 1 x RS422 RS485 Serial DB9 to Terminal Block Adapter

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